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Catching Up

I’ve been out for a while, dealing with personal things. During that time, there was so much music I wanted to write about. Many artists, some of whom are friends, sent me amazing singles and albums. I must say that I owe it to you to write about these submissions, even if they might not be new.

A few albums I have been enjoying:

Divorce Court – Two Hours LP

Hannah Jadagu – Aperture LP

The Japanese House – In The End It Always Does LP

Superviolet – Infinite Spring LP

There are so many others I have been enjoying!

I am also working on new music with artists, and am excited to share as they are released. There will be a lot more of this in the coming year.

All that aside, we will resume posting!

Puddlegum Studio: Mixing and Mastering

Aside from music journalism, I am a Mixing Engineer. Projects I’ve worked on have involved Saeyers, Midi Memory, Cathedral Bells, COOL HEAT, CD Ghost, The Doorbells, Processions, and others. Streams from these songs have pushed five million.

We set up our Mix Studio in a new space and are offering Summer ’23 Rates for Mixing and Mastering. When it comes to mixing, I’m not happy until you’re happy. I want to help you realize your vision while exceeding your expectations.

If you have a project and you’re looking for a Mix Engineer, hit me up!

Our studio page can be found at Puddlegum.Studio.

Kevin Flick

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Divorce Court announce ‘Two Hours’ LP

Chillwave artist Divorce Court have released two singles from their forthcoming album Two Hours. The first single 140, has rich layers of synths that is soothing to the ears. The song builds to a climax that carries to the end. The album Two Hours will be out July 7.

140 by Divorce Court

The second single is Spill and features mau (released on April 28). In this track Lynden Wiliam’s vocals are more washed out with reverb, and it feels more like his previous EP. That is until mau comes in with an upfront rap, backed by a strong drum groove. They also released a music video created by Post Wave Studio.

Spill (feat. mau from nowhere) by Divorce Court

The next single Woodcrest is coming out later this month, along with a music video produced by Black Rabbit Monolith.

Lynden wrote this album the album:

I used to call this a solo project, but the upcoming album has grown into something much bigger than myself. I used to sit alone in our detached garage in LA and write music with all the doors shut, and before that, alone in an unfinished basement. Now I work in a room that’s mostly windows, letting all of the light in.

Each time I welcome a new person into the journey, one by one they add their own energy and its so refreshing and humbling.

We’re really trying to tell this story in an honest way, and I hope it will mean something to the people who listen. Each song is woven into the next like chapters in a book.

Divorce Court (Instagram)
Divorce Court – 140 (YouTube)

Lynden Williams is the artist behind Divorce Court. His music draws from artists like Washed Out and M83. Chase Lambert (Real Content, Cedar Face) joined Lynden as a co-producer. According to the artist’s bio, they were influenced by chillwave artists as they wrote and produced this Two Hours.

Two Kids EP was release in 2021 and it was a great one. Desolc Tuo and Small Voices are standout tracks. In comparison to this EP, 140 has a fuller sound, less tape warp, and vocals that are more forward.

Divorce Court – Spill (YouTube)

We featured 140 on Puddlegum Mixtape 003, which can now be found in our Mixtape Archive.