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Updated weekly (songs remain for two weeks). Dream pop, shoegaze, bedroom pop, synthwave, acoustic pop, and whatever we dig.

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New Music to expect this week (3.19.23)

Kelz has a new single Sometimes out today (3.22) through Brooklyn based Bayonet Records. The single features Alex Siegal, another artist we love. Check out our review of Sometimes. Bayonet was founded by Beach Fossils, which they release through. Kelz released her debut album 5am and I Can’t Sleep through Bayonet last year (May 6, 2022).

Sometimes ft. Alex Siegel by kelz

Hazel English posted an unexpected, “Surprise, new song coming this Thurs.” The surprise is a reimagined cover of Goo Goo Dolls’ Slide that opens with the second verse.

Stevie Nel has a new single out on Thursday called Spiral. He has release three single so far that have a great bedroom pop sound.

ghosts breathe backwards by stevie nel

Cathedral Bells will be releasing a single + video on Friday. The song is called All Under The Sky. Their new album, Everything At Once, is coming on May 19 via Born Losers Records. Preorders for the album will be available at the end of this week. Born Losers is home of CD Ghost, Jaguar Sun, Midi Memory, Stray Fossa, Surf Rock is Dead, just to name a few.

Clinging to the Ground by Cathedral Bells x Rew

Norwegian bedroom pop group Benedikt is also releasing a new single How Did I End Up Here on Friday. Benedikt’s album Why Are You Dreaming drops April 28.

Night Hikes are releasing their EP, called Perfect Wonder. You can hear two songs from the EP; check out the title track is on our Mixtape.

Øneheart is releasing a new EP called Broken on Friday. They just released a collaboration with Hotel Pools that we added to our Puddlegum Mixtape 003. (Hotel Pools also collabed with l i n x.)

with you by l y n x & Hotel Pools

Indie songwriter Matt Pond of Matt Pond PA has a new band called The Natural Lines. Their self-titled debut LP is out this Friday through the great Bella Union (Beach House, I Break Horses The Innocence Mission, and many names you’ll recognize). You can hear three singles from The Natural Lines album and find their music videos.

And can I run a synthpop blog without mentioning the new Depeche Mode album? Memento Mori is coming out Friday, bringing us twelve new tracks. This will be their fifteenth studio album since they began in 1981. Half of their albums came out between 1981 and 1991, before music shifted in the 1990s. Thankfully there have been plenty of singles, remixes, compilations, and live albums during their 42 years of existence.

Next week brings us new albums from Deerhoof, City and Colour, The Hold Steady, and The New Pornographers. The forthcoming Deerhoof album Miracle-Level was engineered by Mike Bridavsky (Lil Bub) of Bloomington’s Russian Recording.

We will update this post updated with more releases and song streams.

Who are we missing? Comment below!

Puddlegum Mixtape 003

The new Puddlegum Mixtape is out with a stack of new dream pop and shoegaze artists. Mixtape 003 begins in Norway and Sweden, and continues with nearly two hours of artists to explore.

Puddlegum Mixtape 003

32 Songs, 1 hour 59 minutes

  1. Dråpe – French Canada
  2. MARBLES – Heading Out
  3. The Radio Dept. – You Fear the Wrong Thing Baby (Radio Edit)
  4. H.MOON – Devotion
  5. Phantom Youth – Dear October
  6. MOTO BANDIT – Love Fang
  7. Paradise Blossom – Wherever You Are.
  8. Bodywash – Massif Central
  9. Japanese Heart Software – Cyanide
  10. Phantom Handshakes – Passport (How Far I Will Be)
  11. Hibou – Night Fell
  12. Night Hikes – Perfect Wonder
  13. The Know – Me
  14. two blinks, i love you – carnegie hall
  15. semiwestern – Velvet Sea
  16. Hether – Dreams
  17. Mint Julep – Daydream
  18. Lunar Isles – The Shore
  19. Art School Girlfriend – Close To The Clouds
  20. Øneheart & Hotel Pools – Timelapse
  21. Divorce Court – 140
  22. Night Tapes – Selene
  23. Juke the Tiger – The Past Keeps Knockin’ On My Door
  24. layzi – Idk
  25. Krooked Kings – Coming of Age
  26. Freak Slug – 27 Club
  27. COOL HEAT – Forget
  28. Phoria – Portland
  29. Savagery – Void
  30. S. Carey – Paralyzed
  31. Ruby Haunt – Headland
  32. Keaton Henson – The Meeting Place
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Using GPT-4 to answer Recording Questions?

GPT-4 and recording… What is it, and are they two things that should never collide, or does AI hold answers to our many questions?

We wrote a new Journal about this titled Can GPT-4 Give Us Recording Tips?

In the article we put GPT-4 (via Bing Chat) to the test by asking it intricate questions about a specific plugin and DAW.

Find out how it performed and whether or not it’s a viable tool for learning recording tips and techniques.