Kevin Flick

Kevin Flick

Kevin Flick founded Puddlegum in 1997 and has been engaging in music journalism off and on since. He's also a recording/mixing engineer and loves to help bands work through the creative process. He has coproduced and mixed for artists such as Saeyers, Midi Memory, and Cathedral Bells. Rumors are that he's a Brighton Hove & Albion FC fan. He's also obsessed with coffee. Kevin resides in the college community of Bloomington, Indiana, where he studied at Indiana University.

Puddlegum Mixtape 004

We made Mixtape 4 for you to enjoy. We found some new (to us) artists, and artists we love. There's a new Depeche Mode song, a banger by FM-84 (not so new), and new tracks by Yot Club, Cathedral Bells, Coolhand Jax, The Japanese House, and many others.
Puddlegum Podcast

Introducing the Puddlegum Podcast!

Check out our podcast! Puddlegum Podcast is a lighthearted conversation about Independent Music between myself, Kevin Flick, and Scott Drichel, as well as guests. We discuss topics that matter to artists and listeners… and we sometimes get off topic and go down rabbit…