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by | Apr 21, 2020

Send us music and updates

We love new music (regardless of how many followers you have, or how long you’ve been recording)!

Provide links to the preferred streaming service of your choice (or send us unreleased Mp3s in Drive / Dropbox), and tell us a little about yourself.

Email us:

Text us: (812) 727-4074

Instagram: @Puddlegum.Blog

Twitter: @puddlegum

Puddlegum Studio

Puddlegum Studio is a boutique hybrid recording studio in Bloomington, Indiana. The studio is set up with the bedroom artist in mind. Find out more about the studio at Puddlegum.Studio.

If you would like to work with Kevin Flick on your music project, ask about recording, mixing, mastering, and artist development. Contact him by email:

Instagram: @Puddlegum.Studio

Our Location

Our recording studio (and office) is located at:

Puddlegum Music
213 South Rogers St.
Suite 8
Bloomington, IN 47404

Please, let us know if you would like us to remove content of your music. We will be happy to comply.

Thank you for visiting Puddlegum! Our passion is to support independent artists, bands, and record labels. We help artists create (mixing + mastering) at Puddlegum.Studio. Please, reach out if you would like to work with us. Follow and interact with us on the socials!

New Simen Mitlid single, ‘DNA’

New Simen Mitlid single, ‘DNA’

Simen Mitlid releases ‘DNA’, his first single since his 2020 album, ‘Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again’.

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