Beach Vacation released ‘It Soothes Me‘, the first single of 2022 with a promise of more to come. The guitars have layers of dreamy reverb, and a Chamber sounding effects on the vocals with 8th note delays. Tabor Rupp talked with Puddlegum about the single, which can be heard on the Puddlegum Podcast.

He shared that he and Justin, an original member of Beach Vacation, will be working on an upcoming album together. This song though was tracked entirely by Tabor.

“So I recorded it. There was another song that I recorded just before this and I was very determined that was going to be the single. But I recorded this at my mom’s house on Christmas, like the night of Christmas. I brought all my equipment over there.” He explains, “I recorded it in one night. After I recorded it, I got all the structure done in that one night, and then after that, I never recorded anything else. I was working on the mix for about the next week. After a week of working on the mix, I got a master and then sent it off.”

In the interview, he describes his recording set up, using a Scarlet Focusrite, Logic Pro, a Telecaster guitar, specific go-to plugins, and musical influences.

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