I can’t express how good it feels to write about music again. I hope to establish Puddlegum (again) as a place to find curated music. 40,000 songs are added to Spotify every day, so this is a daunting task. It’s like a waterfall of new music, and all we have is a bucket. I’ll never pretend to find or share every song that is noteworthy; I would need a thousand writers to pull that off (and then this would no longer be a curation).

I have plans for Puddlegum that may or may not become a reality. But the first thing I need is great content. So I’m listening, selecting, listening more, and deciding what to write about. Having an interesting format is important, so I’m asking tough questions, “What is an angle that readers will make Puddlegum different than other sources, while also bringing people back?”

I know that you have limited time in your life, so I’m honored you’re here! Thank you! My promise to you is to work hard at making Puddlegum worth your time.

By the way, please excuse the format of the front page. I’m working on it (I’m a UX designer, so not having it right bothers me), but I need content first. The look/feel is temporary.