Puddlegum Mixtape 002

Puddlegum Mixtape 002 contains 34 songs, filling 2 hours & 5 minutes of dream pop, bedroom pop, shoegaze, indie pop, and synthwave. Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.
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Puddlegum Mixtape 002 is up, and this one will need two cassettes (34 songs, filling 2 hours & 5 minutes). We worked hard at providing a flow from song to song, with an occasional dynamic or abrupt change. You’ll likely find recognizable names, mixed with artists who are starting out. It’s a blend of bedroom pop, shoegaze, indie pop, and synthwave

Like, love, and share what you enjoy with your friends. It makes a huge difference in the lives of these musicians and creatives.

(Note that the playlist currently runs nearly 4 hours. This is because it has Puddlegum Mixtape 001 included. Mixtapes will remain for two weeks before being moved to the Puddlegum Mixtape Archives playlist.)

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Puddlegum Mixtape 002

34 songs, filling 2 hours & 5 minutes

  1. Beach Fossils – Don’t Fade Away
  2. Stray Fossa – Perfectly out of Time
  3. Men I Trust – Ring of Past
  4. del claro – Blue Screen
  5. Eagle Eyed Tiger – Hyperdrive
  6. Neon Beach – Focuser
  7. Bodywash – No Repair
  8. Niall Summerton – I Found It
  9. The Mary Onettes – Easy Hands
  10. DM Stith – Greyhounds
  11. Jaguar Sun & Husbands – It Gets Better
  12. Yot Club – Saturday
  13. Central Heat Exchange & Living Hour – Tulips at My Bedside
  14. NoSo – Suburbia
  15. Swiss Portrait – Paralyzed
  16. Barrie – Empty
  18. Small Black – Desert of the Heart
  19. Ducktails – Jack O Lantern
  20. No Vacation – How
  21. Cigarettes After Sex – Pistol
  22. Funeral Lakes – No More Now Forever
  23. Ösla – Sandia
  24. Night Tapes – Humans
  25. Daughter – Swim Back
  26. Angel Olsen – Nothing’s Free
  27. Caraml – Green Again
  28. Palace – All We’ve Ever Wanted
  29. Rare Monk – Coronation
  30. A.M. Son – In a Dream
  31. Henry Nowhere – In My Head
  32. PYNKIE – Crushed Out
  33. Our Quiet Commotion – Paint Cracks
  34. Straight White Teeth – My Love Will Follow Through
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Kevin Flick
Kevin Flick

Kevin Flick founded Puddlegum in 1997 and has been engaging in music journalism off and on since. He's also a recording/mixing engineer and loves to help bands work through the creative process. He has coproduced and mixed for artists such as Saeyers, Midi Memory, and Cathedral Bells.

Rumors are that he's a Brighton Hove & Albion FC fan. He's also obsessed with coffee. Kevin resides in the college community of Bloomington, Indiana, where he studied at Indiana University.

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