Puddlegum Mixtape: tape eleven

An hour of chill psychedelic dream pop to jam as you drive across country.
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Puddlegum Mixtape (Spotify)

An hour of chill psychedelic dream pop to jam as you drive across country. This mixtape will take you on a journey of music discovery.

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Yot Club – Go Away (BandCamp, Spotify)
A Car That Swims – Distractions (BandCamp, Spotify)
del claro – Fade Away (BandCamp, Spotify)
French Cassettes – Utah (BandCamp, Spotify)
Alex Siegel – Shoreline (BandCamp, Spotify)
TOLEDO – It’s Alive! (Spotify)
WILLIS – CranMango (Spotify)
Henry Nowhere  – Think About Me (Spotify)
Bullion – We Had A Good Time (BandCamp, Spotify)
Orchid Mantis – Never Know Why (BandCamp, Spotify)
Shimmertraps – Jules Quesnel (BandCamp, Spotify)
Night Tapes – Download Spirit (BandCamp, Spotify)
Yellow Dudes – Ordinary Films (BandCamp, Spotify)
waveform* – Hello Goodbye (BandCamp, Spotify)
Pure Mids – Ivy (BandCamp, Spotify)
Josh Fudge – Summer Something (Spotify)
Beach Vacation – Break the Ice (BandCamp, Spotify)
There’s Talk – Ascension (BandCamp, Spotify)

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Kevin Flick
Kevin Flick

Kevin Flick founded Puddlegum in 1997 and has been engaging in music journalism off and on since. He's also a recording/mixing engineer and loves to help bands work through the creative process. He has coproduced and mixed for artists such as Saeyers, Midi Memory, and Cathedral Bells.

Rumors are that he's a Brighton Hove & Albion FC fan. He's also obsessed with coffee. Kevin resides in the college community of Bloomington, Indiana, where he studied at Indiana University.

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