Puddlegum Mixtape (Spotify)

An hour of chill psychedelic dream pop to jam as you drive across country. This mixtape will take you on a journey of music discovery.

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Yot Club – Go Away (BandCamp, Spotify)
A Car That Swims – Distractions (BandCamp, Spotify)
del claro – Fade Away (BandCamp, Spotify)
French Cassettes – Utah (BandCamp, Spotify)
Alex Siegel – Shoreline (BandCamp, Spotify)
TOLEDO – It’s Alive! (Spotify)
WILLIS – CranMango (Spotify)
Henry Nowhere  – Think About Me (Spotify)
Bullion – We Had A Good Time (BandCamp, Spotify)
Orchid Mantis – Never Know Why (BandCamp, Spotify)
Shimmertraps – Jules Quesnel (BandCamp, Spotify)
Night Tapes – Download Spirit (BandCamp, Spotify)
Yellow Dudes – Ordinary Films (BandCamp, Spotify)
waveform* – Hello Goodbye (BandCamp, Spotify)
Pure Mids – Ivy (BandCamp, Spotify)
Josh Fudge – Summer Something (Spotify)
Beach Vacation – Break the Ice (BandCamp, Spotify)
There’s Talk – Ascension (BandCamp, Spotify)

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