Puddlegum Mixtape: tape five

by | May 15, 2020 | Mixtapes, Singles, Tapes, Videos, YouTube

Puddlegum Mixtape: tape five (YouTube)

This tape is lowkey chill, so relax and take it in.

Artist names link to the Bandcamp page (or alternative), and song name links to the song on Bandcamp (or Spotify when not available on Bandcamp). If the video in the YouTube playlist is a music video, the tracks below are marked “(Video)”. Otherwise, the songs are album art videos.

Starflyer 59This Recliner
I Break HorsesDeath Engine (Video)
Boycrush100% Lord Echo Remix (feat. Yumi Zouma)
SandyNot There
MunyaBoca Chica (Video)
92914Koh (album ver.)
Vern MatzBssh (Video)

Jaguar SunThose Days
Angelo De AugustineSanta Barbara (Video)
The Undercover Dream LoversPlane Ride (Video)
Kevin KrauterOpportunity (Video)
Beauty QueenOut of Touch (Video)
TomemitsuI Shatter
Simen MitlidBirds
Big ThiefLove In Mine

The Puddlegum Mixtape is also available on Spotify (updated weekly). Find our previous tapes on YouTube.

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