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Puddlegum Mixtape: Tape Nine

Eleven bedroom pop songs to carry you through this post-election melodrama.

Listen on Spotify. Watch on YouTube.

Black Haus – Removed (Bandcamp, Spotify)

Eagle Eyed Tiger – While She Loved (Bandcamp, Spotify)

JW Francis – New York (Bandcamp, Spotify)

CASTLEBEAT – Shoulder (feat. Sonia Gadhia) (Bandcamp, Spotify)

Shimmertraps – Atrium (Bandcamp, Spotify)

TOLEDO – Challenger (Spotify, Spotify)

Orchid Mantis – Never Know Why (Bandcamp, Spotify)

Yumi Zouma – Lonely After – Alternate Version (Bandcamp, Spotify)

Simen Mitlid – Weeks (feat. Tuvaband) (Bandcamp, Spotify)

ford. – 4:38am (feat. Barrie) (Bandcamp, Spotify)

Maybe Babs – Simple Life (Bandcamp, Spotify)

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