Jordi (Jordan Radnoti)

Jordi: The Garage EP

At just seventeen years old, Jordan Radnoti releases music as Jordi. Her first single “Escape Route” that was released back in January 2021 is nothing short of indie-rock gold.
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Jon Morrow - I'm No One

Jon Morrow releases sophomore single ‘I’m No One’

Jon Morrow is a songwriter from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, writing dreamy and personal songs. He uses a drum machine, which sounds like a beat from an old Casio (that's a positive), a looping electric guitar running through a tremolo or vibey chorus pedal, and layers of vocals and harmonies with a high pass filter applied.
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Views From Space - Other Side

Views From Space release second single ‘Other Side’

Views From Space released a standout track called 'Other Side'. The single is lush with warm layers of synths, and ambient vocals. Omi Gelacio, the artist behind Views From Space, mixes several memorable melodies that appear in the song, played out by several synths; one melody repeats and intertwines with his vocals. The bass sound has a full tone that fills the low-end perfectly.
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Valley Palace - Patch single

Valley Palace releases ‘Patch’ single

Valley Palace released a new guitar pop single, 'Patch', his third single of 2021. Nathan Taylor has been releasing music as Valley Palace since December, 2019 that he records in his bedroom. He signed with Run for Cover Records this summer after releasing his impressive 'Pastel Mood' EP, and a single in March called 'Contact'.
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Tessel - Family Time EP

TESSEL releases debut ‘Family Time’ EP

Danish band TESSEL released their debut EP, 'Family Time', today. They completed the EP right as the Pandemic lockdown began. So they took the time to release singles, videos, perform live streams, and slowly build their following. Now that shows have begun resuming, TESSEL released their six track 'Family Time' EP. These songs have all the hooks.
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Yot Club - Santolina

Yot Club releases ‘Alive’ single

Yot Club released the first single from his forthcoming EP, 'Santolina'. The new single, 'Alive', is a highly anticipated track, following the viral explosion of his 'YKWIM?' single. The EP will be released through Nice Guys, which Ryan Kaiser of Yot Club talked with Puddlegum earlier this year. Also, Ryan released a music video for 'Alive'.
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Beauty Queen - Hope It's You

Beauty Queen drops ‘Hope It’s You’ single and video

Beauty Queen released a third single, 'Hope It's You', and music video from what we assume will be an album of songs through Sleep Well Records. This track is really polished, produced by Henry Moser of Henry Nowhere, and Beauty Queen's Katie Iannitello. A banjo opens the song and appears in the chorus, giving the song a fitting emotional edge.
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Far Caspian - Attempt

New Music Out Tonight: Cathedral Bells, Far Caspian

New Music Friday is just a few hours away, and here is a single and an album we're anticipating. Cathedral Bells are releasing a single called 'I Don't Care Anymore'. This is one that I (Kevin Flick) mixed and mastered. Prince Caspian is releasing his debut full-length, 'Ways To Get Out'. What we've heard so far is incredible.
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Hotel Pools - 'Palmscapes'

Hotel Pools – ‘Palmscapes’

Hotel Pools released their fourth dream-synth pop LP, called Palmscapes. Ben Braun of Portland, Oregon, is the artist behind Hotel Pools has consistently created incredible instrumental electronic tracks since he began in 2018.
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Old Sea Brigade - 'Mirror Moon'

Old Sea Brigade – ‘Mirror Moon’

Old Sea Brigade released a new single and music video, 'Mirror Moon', on April 9. This is the fourth single that has been released from his forthcoming album 'Motivational Speaking', which will be released on May 14 through Nettwerk.
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Angelo De Augustine - Blue

Review: Angelo De Augustine – Blue

Angelo De Augustine continues to build on his impressive catalogue of work with the release of Blue. His ability to create innocent, soothing, and emotive songs with his rounded nylon guitar, high falsetto, backed by Sufjan's voice, reveal his musical genius.
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Thunder Dreamer - Of A Million

Three Dream Pop Videos To Not Miss: Thunder Dreamer, Dead Rituals, and Monad

Three dream pop music videos to not miss, from: Thunder Dreamer, Dead Rituals, and Monad. Thunder Dreamer released a video for Of A Million, a standout song from their new EP. Dead Rituals hails from Naples, Italy, and their latest EP was tracked while traveling the US, Australia, and Europe. Israeli artist Monad covers Cocteau Twins, 30 years after Heaven Or Las Vegas was released.
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Review: CASTLEBEAT – Melodrama

The music of Melodrama has the feeling of rushing past you, moving from the front of your ear to the back until it releases in a fog. The blurriness of the record is a peaceful high, but the faded catharsis also belies a certain pain. As Melodrama becomes progressively pensive, the brightness of CASTLEBEAT gives way to a muted melancholy.
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Simen Mitlid: Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again

Review: Simen Mitlid – Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again

Simen Mitlid is a songwriter from Oslo, who writes incredibly beautiful dream folk songs, capitalizing on the art of subtlety to create an immense dreamscape. "Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again" becomes more brilliant with every listen as you digest the songs, sounds, and the movement between the tracks.
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Yumi Zouma: Truth or Consequences (Alternate Version)

Yumi Zouma: Reimagining Truth or Consequences

Just as Yumi Zouma released their third album, Truth or Consequences, an album they spent two years perfecting, the first COVID-19 wave crashed around the world. The night before the album was released, the band opened their album-supporting tour before a sold-out crowd. According to their Bandcamp page, as they walked off the stage the band was informed that WHO had declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The anticipated tour was canceled and everything was halted.
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Tape: Yot Club – The Bay

View this post on Instagram A post shared by PUDDLEGUM.TAPES: ANALOG GEMS (@puddlegum.tapes) on Jun 1, 2020 at 7:00am PDT Yot Club has two new singles, The Bay and Spiral Stairs. Ryan Kaiser‘s song sits perfectly with this 22 year old’s lo-fi bedroom pop releases. Spiral Stairs, his most recent single, is from a forthcoming collection of songs, Nature Machine, coming out July 14. We’re excited to share The Bay as our next Puddlegum.tape installment Ryan shared with Puddlegum, “I slowed down and really took my time when I made this ep and I definitely think it shows.” He also…

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Video Premiere: Cathedral Bells – ‘Undertow’

Puddlegum is premiering a new music video by Cathedral Bells, for the song 'Undertow'. Shot by Molly Mary O’Brien of Audiofemme, the video clips of close-up foliage and flowers, and distant ocean waves shift between being fully saturated in color to grayscale. It's a great video that matches this dreampop bop well.
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Choo - Who Cares?

Tapes: Choo – ‘Who Cares?’

View this post on Instagram A post shared by PUDDLEGUM.TAPES: ANALOG GEMS (@puddlegum.tapes) on May 28, 2020 at 3:13pm PDT Jonathan Chiu creates music under the name of Choo, and his latest bedroom pop single Who Cares? is one that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed. His sound is very relaxing and carries naturally, driven by a drum loop, jazz-influenced guitar, synths that help fill the soundscape, and vocals that act as texture. Jonathan records in his small New York City apartment, building songs in his downtime. Choo mixes in movie clips and samples that help express the vibe of the song, and…

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Album art for Lev Snowe - Someday Soon

Tapes: Lev Snowe – ‘Someday Soon’

View this post on Instagram A post shared by PUDDLEGUM.TAPES: ANALOG GEMS (@puddlegum.tapes) on May 27, 2020 at 7:00am PDT Lev Snowe mixes dream pop elements of chorus-laden guitars with psych-pop and a propensity of washed-out sounds. Snowe is another reason to believe that Canadians are leading the dream pop movement. You’ll find him in his home studio in Winnipeg, creating danceable songs that are easy to drive to or crank on the speakers while your friends are over. Someday Soon is the title track from his recent January release. You’ll find fuzzed-out guitars, electronic beats mixed with saturated drums,…

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Album art for Orchid Mantis - Compositions on Midi and Tape

Tapes: Orchid Mantis – ‘Midi Memory’

View this post on Instagram A post shared by PUDDLEGUM.TAPES: ANALOG GEMS (@puddlegum.tapes) on May 25, 2020 at 8:05am PDT Orchid Mantis might not need much of an introduction. Thomas Howard of Atlanta, Georgia began this experimental project in 2014, and his music has been widely embraced. On May 20, he self-released Compositions on Midi & Tape, a six-track EP that finds Howard entrancing his listeners for 22 minutes. He has released seven EPs and five LPs in just six years, and this is his third EP in 2020. Where Long Division (his first EP of 2020) tweaked guitar, synth,…

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Album art of Summer Demos EP by Secret Attraction

Tapes: Secret Attraction – ‘True’

View this post on Instagram A post shared by PUDDLEGUM.TAPES: ANALOG GEMS (@puddlegum.tapes) on May 24, 2020 at 8:26am PDT Secret Attraction is working on their next full-length due out later this year. They just released demos of three songs, Summer Demos EP, as a taste of what to expect. We’re happy to share a sample of Secret Attraction’s True demo as our second installment of Puddlegum.tapes.  Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Secret Attraction’s Summer Demos is their sixth EP since they started releasing music four years ago. Their forthcoming full-length will be their third LP, and will be released by…

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Jaguar Sun - Those Days

Puddlegum Mixtape: tape five

This tape is lowkey chill, so relax and take it in. Artist names link to the Bandcamp page (or alternative), and song name links to the song on Bandcamp (or Spotify when not available on Bandcamp). If the video in the YouTube playlist is a music video, the tracks below are marked “(Video)”. Otherwise, the songs are album art videos. SIDE AStarflyer 59 – This ReclinerI Break Horses – Death Engine (Video)Boycrush – 100% Lord Echo Remix (feat. Yumi Zouma)Sandy – Not ThereMunya – Boca Chica (Video)92914 – Koh (album ver.)Haux – CalicoVern Matz – Bssh (Video) SIDE BJaguar Sun…

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Album art of Ruby Haunt - Sunbelt

Mix Review: Ruby Haunt – Sunbelt

Ruby Haunt's The Middle of Nowhere was one of my favorite albums in 2019. It took me to an inner place, as though I were on a long drive, gazing out the window at the changing landscape. So I was thrilled when they released Sunbelt, a nine-minute single, in March.
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Album art for MUNYA - Boca Chica

Mix Review: MUNYA – Boca Chica

Montreal artist MUNYA released a new single, Boca Chica, on Luminelle (a label managed by the Gorilla vs Bear folks). I’m confident you’ll dig this driving pop song by Josianne Boivin, the artist behind MUNYA.
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Vilde - Grace music video

Music Video: Vilde – Grace

Vilde's video for Grace shows Thomas Savage entering into a dark and listless arcade late at night. Savage overlays the droning backdrop of electric guitars with a heartfelt poetic reading. "Who is the one with the broken wing?" he asks.
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