New Music: Vern Matz, Secret Attraction, Mini Trees, The Forms

A surprise EP from Vern Matz, a limited cassette from Secret Attraction, the debut LP from Mini Trees, and a single + video from The Forms.
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It’s new music Friday, and here are some of the new singles, EPs, and LPs that are out. What new releases are you enjoying? Here are four that caught my ears…

Vern Matz – 8bit EP

Vern Matz released a 3 track EP aptly titled 8bit. These are short synth instrumental tracks created on analog sounding synths. They borrow from familiar melodies, and make you long for your original Nintendo system. This follows their wonderful full-length Perennial.

Secret Attraction – Sensitivity/Drifting LP

Secret Attraction has been releasing three song EPs, and today he released Sensitivity/Drifting, his fourth LP via Stratford Ct. as as limited edition cassette. The cassette combines the three EPs he has released this year, pulling them together as one collection. These songs are so chill.

Mini Trees – Always In Motion LP

Mini Trees has released her debut LP, Always in Motion. These songs are perfect indie pop tracks. Lexi Vega filled this album with brilliantly produced songs. Last year she released Slip Away EP that we couldn’t get enough of.

The Forms – Head Underwater single + video

The Forms – Head Underwater

Electro-pop duo The Forms released their second single in ten years, Head Underwater. The single comes with a b-side, Trust, one that feels like a remix. They have a distinct sound defined by staccato synth notes that act as a melody and a percussive feel, combining with a driving beat.

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