New Music: Orchid Mantis, Henry Nowhere, Hank Midnight, Black Marble

New singles from Orchid Mantis, Henry Nowhere, and Black Marble, and a new EP from Hank Midnight. Stream them on Puddlegum!
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Orchid Mantis – ‘Never Knows Best’ (single)

Orchid Mantis released the first single from his new album, Visitations, coming out October 1, 2021. Never Knows Best blends bending synth tones, a bright drum loop, light guitar, and tape warped vocals. Thomas Howard of Orchid Mantis shared this about the album on Instagram:

“Visitations was written and recorded over about two months earlier this year during a period of significant personal change. After recording Far From This World – an album fixated on endings, it felt important to create a counterpart to reflect all the new beginnings that followed. Change always gives and takes. I wanted to try some things on this record I wasn’t confident enough to attempt in the past – longer, droning songs and minimal electronic pop. Its title could refer to funeral gatherings, spiritual or divine visitations, the appearance of loved ones in dreams, etc. This album is vaguely about all those things. It’s also about distance and time, and how they separate individuals – in proximity and in death, before and after.”

Henry Nowhere – ‘One Day’ (single)

Henry Moser of Henry Nowhere has been everywhere recently it seems… producing the new Beauty Queen single, and his involvement in Day Wave. He has also been releasing new singles and EPs this year (quite a few, actually). One Day is his latest release, and the production is golden.

Hank Midnight – ‘Live Wire’ (EP)
Hank Midnight – Live Wire (YouTube)

Henry Mittnach is the artist behind Hank Midnight, a film composer and a songwriter from Paris. He released an EP called Live Wire and it’s well worth your time. The synth tones fantastic, reminiscent of Black Marble, downtempo and melancholic. Expect to experience the feels when you listen to his music.

Black Marble – ‘Ceiling’ (single)

Black Marble – Ceiling (YouTube)

Black Marble released his second single from his forthcoming album, Fast Idol, out October 22, 2021. This one is called Ceiling, opening with a drum loop and throwback analog synth sounds. The lyric video has the feel of a mid-80s show you might find hiding on a VHS tape at a thrift store. Black Marble’s brilliance shows through in his new singles, Ceiling and Somewhere. We can’t wait for the album to drop.

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