If there’s a producer you should follow, it’s John Vanderslice. He started Tiny Telephone recording studio in 1997, and has as mindblowing list of clientele (Deerhoof, Explosions in the Sky, Nada Surf, Spoon, Bob Mould, just to name a few). I enjoy following his Instagram, cause you can tell that he is fueled from interacting with people around him; there’s a reason this guy is known as the nicest guy in the music industry.

His solo work can lean into the experimental realm, and Dollar Hits is no exception. Vanderslice has access to incredible modular and analog gear, and I imagine that these projects are an opportunity to explore tricks, sounds, and push the envelope of the equipment at his disposal.

Dollar Hits was released on March 20th, and follows last year’s The Cedars, which was an album that he recently claimed to have changed his life. The Cedars was more songwriter oriented, resting closer to Emerald City, and Pixel Revolt.

With all that said, check out Dollar Hits.