New Music: Adrian Prath, Small Forward, TIPLING ROCK, Josh Fudge

by | Jun 1, 2020 | BandCamp, LPs and EPs, Music, Singles, SoundCloud

Adrian PrathBedroom (EP)
Released: May 21, 2020

German artist Adrian Prath released a three song EP called Bedroom, his second EP in 2020. Prath’s sound is largely acoustic-driven, lush electric guitars and synths give it a dreamy sound, and pronounced tape warmth with wow and flutter on the overall mix. Wishes is a phenomenal track and takes me back to José González’s work with Junip. I could handle an entire album with this sound.

Small ForwardSmall Forward (LP)
Released: May 20, 2020

Small Forward released two singles in 2019, but their self-titled album, released May 20, is a standout for 2020. They found a great balance of indie and late-60s nuances (listen to Bound and you’ll hear hints of Simon and Garfunkel). The songwriting is really mature, where melody is king, and every element serves a purpose. This is a Los Angelas band to watch as these songs could have a wide appeal.

Tipling RockKarma (single)
Released: May 22, 2020

Karma is one of those songs that pulls you in the moment the song starts. It’s one of many hooks, with its 2000s indie pop sound while also sounding current. There’s a timelessness to this Tipling Rock song (and I rarely say that about songs).

Tipling Rock released three songs in 2019, and Karma is their first in 2020. The production on their latest song, which was released on May 22, is a huge step forward… putting them at a level where they could widely market this song. I hope they do.

Josh Fudge 7 In The Morning (single)
Released: May 29, 2020

7 In the Mornings by Josh Fudge has a number of elements that I really love: The warm tube amped blues guitar, mixed with 80s synth pads, with laid-back crooning vocals. The tight harmonies that are nicely layered behind the vocals, added very selectively. It’s clear this song was crafted carefully. Did I mention that Josh is only eighteen years old?

Josh has been busy in 2020. 7 In The Morning is his seventh song (a four-track EP, plus three singles). Quite impressive!

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