New Singles: Ghost Prom, S. E. Webster, Francis Moon and The Hollow Men, Martin Inghardt

Debut single from Ghost Prom, a new new song by S. E. Webster, an acoustic version from Francis Moon and The Hollow Men, and a single from Martin Inghardt
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Ghost Prom – Sunset Yesterday

Ghost Prom – Sunset Yesterday (SoundCloud)

Ghost Prom is a duo from New York City by Cameron Crosby and his significant other, Eden Brolin. Eden is an actress, having played Ophelia in Hamlet, Charlie Singer in Beyond, Mia in Yellowstone, and Blake in the recent pandemic thriller Tyger Tyger. She’s also in a group called Atta Boy. Cameron Crosby is also an actor, staring in Cake Day, a film where his character struggles with addiction.

Sunset Yesterday is their debut single, a personal song about the loss of Cameron’s close friend. He wrote on Instagram, “It’s about the truest of friendship. never being uncomfortable in silence with each other. our silence together carrying more weight than any words ever could. A lifetime of friendship builds layers of behavior that collect and get deeper as time passes from here to eternity. whether you’re in this planet or not, it comes through in signs, metaphors, and images. it helps me truly engage with the world when my eyes, ears, and heart are open writhing for them to show.” Cameron shared more about silence, “when you really know a person, they don’t have to say shit, you can sit in silence but they still get you. That’s true love.”

S. E. Webster – Flour Girl

Southern California songwriter S. E. Websiter released a new lo-fi folk rock single called Flour Girl, just two months after releasing his debut EP, You & I Would Die. The folk sounds are blended with psychedelic elements, tremolo guitar shaping the tone, and tape saturated vocals. Flour Girl will be on his next EP, Romance At A Distance, which Webster recorded with Erik Groysman (you can hear Erik’s production on KARMINA’s cover of Wonder in the 2017 film Wonder).

Francis Moon and The Hollow Men – Thousand Stars (Acoustic)

Swedish artists Francis Moon and The Hollow Men collaborated on a soothing acoustic version of Thousand Stars. When the original Thousand Stars was recorded, they tracked two versions, one guitar centered and this simplified version with piano and strings.

Francis Moon will be releasing a music video of the acoustic version on May 26. He shared on Instagram, “I wanted to document this part of my life somehow. Therefore we managed to create a video (collection of clips) or however you want to name it while facing semi-lockdown among others. Challenging but fun!” This is a beautiful song that Dennis Sjöström of The Hollow Men wrote with Francis Moon wrote together.

Martin Inghardt – Klumpen

Martin Inghardt is also a Swedish artist, writing dream pop songs that drenched in chillwave tones. The song is sung in Swedish, and the instruments and melodies are influenced by Cure. The single was released by Malmö based Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå Records.

some emotions are recognizable
and want to recognize again
again again

Martin Inghardt – Klumpen (Instagram)

According to Zero Magazine, a Swedish music magazine, wrote that Klumpen (‘The Lump‘ in English) was originally called Elliot Smith. Before releasing solo music, Martin Inghardt was in a Swedish indie rock band called The Animal Five in the early 2000s before he formed Canary Islands.

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