New Music: José González, FM Towns, Thunder Dreamer

José González released his first single in five years, 'El Invento', accompanied by a video. New music from FM Towns, and Thunder Dreamer released a single via Instagram and Facebook.
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Swedish songwriter José González released his first song in five years. El Invento is sung in Spanish and asks the age-old questions about our existence. He also released a music video that provides the lyrics in Spanish and English. The video shows him interacting with his wife and small child in his home. The song has the classic Jose Gonzalez sound we’ve loved: layers of his vocals, on top of him picking the song on a classical guitar, and soft handclaps in the background.

On Bandcamp, Jose explains that he talks to his daughter in Spanish everyday. It was when she was born that he began to write El Invento.

José González – El Invento (YouTube)

FM Towns – Goddess of the Season (single)

FM Towns is a songwriter from London, writing psychedelic chamber pop. Goddess of the Season mixes 12-string guitars with a bossanova pop rhythm, singing in falsetto to create his intriguing sound. A child of the `90s, his themes tend to center around the small Suffolk town where he grew up.

He explains Goddess of the Season: “It tells the story of an imagined love affair that takes place amongst the mysterious new houses that are popping up in a small town housing estate.”

Thunder Dreamer – Simple Joys (single and video)

Thunder Dreamer released Simple Joys, along with a relaxing video looking out onto a snowy neighborhood in Evansville, Indiana where they reside. It’s a beautiful dream pop song that is currently only available on Facebook and Instagram.

When I was young,
the earth it burned a gorgeous flame.
Gave me a choice,
it gave me pain and simple joys.

I’m still the same.
I am to blame.
I play this game that I won’t win.

Thunder Dreamer – Simple Joys (Facebook)
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