New Singles: Josh Fudge, Henry Nowhere

New singles from Josh Fudge and Henry Nowhere. Josh Fudge brings us a 3 minute bedroom funk jam, 'FEEL LIKE', and Henry Nowhere has a chill dreampop song 'Say You're Okay'.
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Josh Fudge – FEEL LIKE

Josh Fudge has accomplished a lot during his first year of releasing music. At the age of eighteen, he has released a four-track EP, and a nine-track LP. Already, this Oklahoma City native has drawn over 350,000 streams on Spotify, and placed on Spotify’s coveted Fresh Finds (among many other playlists). And now he’s looking to add to this (having released the LP this year) with his new single, FEEL LIKE.

FEEL LIKE has a funk influenced bedroom pop sound. The pop beat and funk bass line is overlaid with analog Roland Jupiter synth tones. This song is very danceable, and pulls pop elements together in an enjoyable three minute package.

Henry Nowhere – Say You’re Okay

Henry Nowhere has released the second single, Say You’re Okay, from his next EP. Say You’re Okay is a chill dreampop single mixing piano, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar, with light and simple drumming. This single is similar to Slippin’, but has a dynamic of being more open at times with dark blending tones.

The layers flow together with the help of several reverb depths, some being placed in a warm chamber with a trailing verb. The slight guitar has a haunting sound that I love.

The next EP will be released on March 26, with more music coming after that. We love what you’re creating, Henry!

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