New Music: Cathedral Bells, Molly Burch, Hovvdy, Aero Flynn

Starting 2021 right with ew music from Cathedral Bells, Molly Burch + Wild Nothing, Hovvdy, and Aero Flynn.
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2021 is looking to be another promising year for music. In the first four days, we’ve seen a number of great singles and album announcements.

Cathedral Bells – Ether (lp)

Cathedral Bells are releasing a new album on January 29, titled Ether, via Spirit Goth. This is their second full-length, after releasing Velvet Spirit in 2020. Having released Invisible near the end of the year, the second single, Dark Aura, come out as the Ball dropped at midnight. (Note: Spirit Goth as a cassette club, and if you subscribe now you’ll receive Ether for this month’s cassette.)

Molly Burch – Emotion, feat. Wild Nothing (single)

Molly Burch released a super catchy indie pop single, Emotion, featuring Wild Nothing. This is the first studio release in almost a year for Wild Nothing, since releasing Laughing Gas EP. Molly and Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing) are label mates at Captured Tracks, and have been since 2017 when Molly released her first album.

Hovvdy – Covers 2 (ep)

Hovvdy released Covers 2, an EP of… covers. They recorded four songs by Coldplay, Charli XCX, Paramore, and Frou Frou-frou. The songs are free to download on Bandcamp in exchange of giving them your email address. Take note; this is a smart way to build your subscriber list on Bandcamp.

Aero Flynn – Madeline (lp)

While this isn’t a 2021 release, Aero Flynn dropped long-play Madeline, on Christmas Day. Aero Flynn is a project by Josh Scott. He produced Aero Flynn’s latest with a host of artists, most notably including Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Aero Flynn released a self-titled album that we were hooked on in 2015.

A few artists who have mentioned they’re releasing new music soon: Ruby Haunt, Adolescentes sin edad, TOLEDO, Heads or Heads, and Chaplin (formerly Processions).

Who are we missing? Comment below!

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