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New Dad – Slowly

New Dad are releasing an EP titled Waves on March 26th. They recently released the first single and music video, Slowly, single that has a shoegazey sound, pulling influences from the 90s. Intentionally chaotic, the music video pieces clips of the band playing the song, and involves smashing and tagging an upright piano (tsk). Musically, the song matches the tense lyrics about a broken relationship with guitar feedback, the picked bass line, the rolling toms, and the fuzzy guitar layers.

New Dad – Slowly (YouTube)

Post Sixty Five – Crowdsurfing

Post Sixty Five released a new ambient electronic pop single, Crowdsurfing. The song builds in dynamics, starting with a synth pad and intriguing sounds, and vocals that hint at Ben Gibbard. The guitars and drums come halfway through the song for an intense bridge. Written and arranged by Hicham Benhallam, it’s a beautifully intense song, and is named after the lyrics, “My growing shadow, my massive wingspan, when I fall backwards into their hands.”

Writing about the song, Kim McMasters shares:
“I used to think that it was about how the love between two people can get so big and intense that it pushes you further from each other until you can’t touch anymore. I used to think that it was about clawing at the person you love to try to bring them back to you, or throwing yourself off a cliff to stop them from falling and losing them anyway.”

Wy – That Picture of Me

Wy released a single and video, That Picture of Me, a song that touches on our obsession with social media and self-perception. Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Ebba and Michel Gustafsson Ågren have a new album coming out on May 7, called Marriage.

“A Wy song at their best sounds like opening it all up, and letting the feelings flow where they will, letting the pain, anger, fear, hope and love steer the song. That, combined with the band’s skyscaping, cinematic sound, creates music that has a force behind it, a power that hits you, even when it’s at its softest.”

Wy (YouTube)
Wy – That Picture of Me (YouTube)

Major Murphy – Unfazed

Major Murphy released their third single, Unfazed, from their forthcoming album, Access (be ready for it on April 2!). Unfazed has a timeless sound. Recorded and mixed at a local Bloomington studio, Russian Recording, by studio owner Mike Bridavsky (the late Lil Bub) and Ben Lumsdaine (Hoops). Unfazed has all of the elements I love… vocal slap delay, classic rock tones, clean drum sounds, a piano mix that places you inside the instrument, tight harmonies, hand drums mixed perfectly with the drums.

It’s a sad time we’re living in
Not to say that it’s ruined yet
Anything said is irrelevant
That’s to say it’s an understatement
Do you understand?

Major Murphy – Unfazed (BandCamp)

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