New Singles from Ferdous, Benedikt, Orchid Mantis, and Far Caspian

New dream pop singles from Ferdous, Benedikt, Orchid Mantis, and Far Caspian.
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So much music is released on Fridays that it sometimes feels like a firehose of music. Here are four singles that have been released in the past 24 hours that we are enjoying. The artists hail from the Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, and Atlanta (U.S.).

Ferdous is an Afghan-Dutch electronic pop artist who is releasing his debut EP For My Own Sake, on January 15, 2021. His first single from the EP came out today, Wish The Times Were Better, and we can’t wait to hear more. He also plays in Klyne, a duo between Ferdous and Nick Klyne.

Ferdous: Wish Times Were Better (YouTube)

Benedikt is a nine-piece folk project from Oslo, Norway, led by Hans Olav Settem. They released a beautiful new single today, My Killer, that features Tuvaband, and was released through Simen Mitlid‘s label, Koke Plate. The song is a dramatic folk song that is sure to put a dagger in your heart. Both Benedikt and Tuvaband appear on Mitlid’s latest album.

Girl, I never thought you’d be my killer 
Someone needs to tell me when it all ends 
Girl, I never thought you’d end our summer 
Somewhere all of this is only made up 

Benedikt feat. Tuvaband: My Killer (YouTube)
Benedikt feat. Tuvaband: My Killer (SoundCloud)

Orchid Mantis released Can’t See The Sun Anymore. This prolific Atlanta artist, Thomas Howard, has released two EPs already in 2020, and has a new fourteen-track LP coming November 20, titled Far From This World. You can listen to four of these slowcore tracks on Bandcamp, and preorder the album there.

Far Caspian released Warning Sign, his first in seven months. The single features SOMOH, a new artist who lends here voice to this lofi pop single. This single seems to be a break from his previous sound, and I have to say that I really enjoy it. Far Caspian is the solo project of Irish artist Joel Johnston, and we’ve enjoyed everything he’s put out.

Far Caspian feat. SOMOH: Warning Sign (YouTube)
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