Four Dream Pop singles: Oslo Parks, French Cassettes, and Talkie

by | Nov 16, 2020 | BandCamp, Quick News, Singles, SoundCloud, YouTube

Oslo Parks – Like A Stone

Oslo Parks (or Øslø Pårks) is a British duo from Brighton, who write infectious dream pop songs. Rob Flynn writes and produces the music, and Ian Booth is on bass, and designs the art. The group is filled out when playing live with three additional musicians. Like A Stone breaks a five year silence, and this song has us hooked.

Oslo Parks – Like A Stone (SoundCloud)

Oslo Parks links:

French Cassettes – Santa Cruz Tomorrow and Utah

French Cassettes is another San Franciscan four-piece, who just released Santa Cruz Tomorrow, an indie dream pop song filled with fuzzy hooks. Utah was released in September, through their label Tender Loving Empire. French Cassettes have an LP titled Rolodex coming out December 11th (pre-order Rolodex on vinyl or cassette on Bandcamp).

French Cassettes – Utah (YouTube)
French Cassettes: Utah (SoundCloud)

French Cassettes links:

Talkie – Look At Me

Talkie is a four-piece band from San Francisco who writes music thdat is reminiscent of Elliott Smith’s vocals meets lofi 60s surf pop. Look At Me is a downtempo song from a forthcoming re-release of their 35-track debut. They have new material (Blue Underground came out in September) they recorded from various studios, due to the pandemic and social distancing, so visit their Bandcamp for more.

I’ve jumped all the fences,
I’ve crossed every sea,
I’d climb any mountain,
If you’ll look at me.


Talkie links:

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank David Dean Burkhart for consistently finding great songs. We owe you. – Flick

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