New Singles: Pala Zolo, Bloom Phase, Utopian Dictator, HOLY SHIP

New music from Pala Zolo, Bloom Phase, Utopian Dictator, Holy Ship. Three of these artists mix elements of synthwave, and one is a shoegaze artist.
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Pala Zolo – Sychophant

Pala Zolo is the synthwave project of Eric Davis. Accurately self-described as cinematic pop music, his instrumental music takes you places in an ever-changing landscape. Sychophant is built around an electronic beat and addictive synth tones that drive the listener off toward the sunset. This is a really infectious single.

Palo Zolo – Sychophant

Bloom Phase – I’m Down

Bloom Phase is an artist from Phoenix combining synth pop with vocals reminiscent of The Postal Service. He wrote I’m Down for his fiancé, telling her that he is “down,” for “wherever you will go.” The single is from his three-track Keep in Time EP. He describes the EP as “an introspective EP that focuses on how I’m currently viewing the world around me.” The music video shows him playing the song in a shady grove of fruit trees, atop a desert rock, and in a scene with a suburb in the background.

Bloom Phase – I’m Down (YouTube)

Utopian Dictator – Symmetrical Queen

Utopian Dictator is a lo fi electronic project of Jeremy Calcano. Symmetrical Queen is his debut single on Spotify, though he has released singles on SoundCloud in the past. His songs are a mix of programmed and repeated synth pads, drum machine beats. Vocals are washed out in the background, placed behind the analog synths.

Holy Ship – Sad Command

Holy Ship is Jonatan Westh‘s project from Stockholm. His affinity for shoegaze and dark-wave synth is heard in this single, Sad Command. The song is from his new Les Deux Regards EP, which has, “lyrical themes touch on breaking free of personal traps, self-discovery, and the manipulative games played in social politics.”

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