New music: Postcards, Kirk Francis, Tim Ayre, D’Indigo

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Postcards – Home Is So Sad

Postcards – Home Is So Sad (YouTube)

Postcards are a dreampop band from Lebanon, mixing fuzzy shoegaze guitars with a droning drum beat, and dreamy organ and guitar layers. Julia Sabra‘s vocals are delivered perfectly with a bright trailing reverb that blends so nicely with the instruments.

The band formed in 2012 and have since release three EPs and two LPs. Home Is So Sad is from a forthcoming LP coming out in the fall of this year. Their sound can be expansive and dynamic, pulling you in to the drenched ambient tones.

Postcards – Home Is So Sad (SoundCloud)

Kirk Francis – Ophelia

Kirk Francis is actually not a solo artist (or the production sound engineer), but rather a British duo: Jack O’Hea and Josh Best-Shaw. The two create tape warped dream pop that pull from Tears for Fears and Tame Impala.

They released Ophelia, their third single, through Nice Guys on April 20, and this is one you’ll spin on repeat. The song has a combination of warm guitar tones with chorus tinged guitar chords. Vocals are passed through a low-pass filter at around 600Hz with tight harmonies and layers. The beat is a laid-back groove with a popping snare.

Kirk Francis – Ophelia (SoundCloud)

Tim Ayre – Miami Drive

Tim Ayre – Miami Drive (YouTube)

Tim Ayre is an Australian artist with a bit of a psychedelic and beachy surf rock tone. Miami Drive is his single from Modern Life EP that will be out later this year. He shows his Beach Boys roots in this single. He tracks every instrument himself in his home studio in Melbourne, something he has been doing so since he was a teenager.

Tim talks about filming the music video while being unable to travel to Miami:
“With the lack of travel recently I was writing songs that made me think about being away somewhere. ‘Miami Drive’ initially started with that idea. Things took a funny turn when Ollie (the music video director) and I got together to work out how we could shoot a clip about Miami while being stuck in Australia. We eventually found a street in regional Victoria called Miami Drive so we made our way down there hoping to film some bits for the video – instead of palm trees and sunshine we were met with servos and chiko rolls, in a funny way it showed an amazing side to Australian holiday culture.”

Tim Ayre – Miami Drive (SoundCloud)

D’Indigo – Through Your Lens

D’Indigo released their second single Through Your Lens recently. They are a husband and wife duo from Mississippi, tracking in their home studio, full of paintings and art. The song celebrates coffee and intimacy while waking up with your significant other. They describe the song as, “the right to ignore the morning alarm and stay in bed with your lover just a little longer.”

D’Indigo – Through Your Lens (SoundCloud)

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King Hannah: New single and video ‘All Being Fine’

King Hannah: New single and video ‘All Being Fine’

King Hannah released their second single and music video, ‘All Being Fine’, from their forthcoming February album, ‘I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me’. The song is a blend of shoegaze and americana.

Vern Matz releases ‘Tokyo Sounds’ single

Vern Matz releases ‘Tokyo Sounds’ single

Vern Matz released the ‘Tokyo Sounds’, the first single of an album of lofi demos. Expect three singles in the coming weeks, and the album to drop on December 20.

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