Ruby Haunt – ‘Roman candle’ single and video

Ruby Haunt released 'Roman candle', the second single from their forthcoming 'Watching the Grass Grow'. They also released a music video.
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Ruby Haunt – Roman Candle (YouTube)

Ruby Haunt released Roman Candle, their second single and music video. The band will be releasing Watching The Grass Grow on September 2, 2021. Ruby Haunt is a project by Wyatt Ininns (vocals and lyrics) and film director Victor Pakpour (composition and production), formed in 2015; they reside in Laguna Beach, California. This will be their seventh full-length since they began in 2015, staying consistent with releasing one album per year (not to forget their five EPs).

But there’s more consistency to be noted. Their music videos tend to be scenes from driving, with the landscape of the US Southwest drifting in the background. Roman Candle is no exception; this video focusing on Indiana Piorek driving a car while having a conversation with someone in the passenger seat (we assume it was filmed by Victor). If their videos don’t show the landscape, then cars are seen passing by.

i cut away from the sad stuff
i run away from the blame
sit and play like i’m real tough
or sit and play like i’m tame

Ruby Haunt – Roman Candle (YouTube)

Also, the song carries their slow build approach to songwriting. Roman Candle opens with a doubled electric guitar with an overdrive sound, and a warm amp. Wyatt’s vocals are sung with an unassuming whispery tone. A synth pad comes in, and strings played on keys elevate the song. They lightly play a laidback drumbeat, carrying the song to the end.


They released Pyro on July 8, the first single from Watching the Grass Grow. The song is also centered around pronounced electric guitar layers. Wyatt writes of a broken relationship and the impact, while Roman Candle is one of moving “from the blame.” The drums have a brighter tone, escalating the song before it slowly decays.

putting the pieces back together
holding it all in my hand
waiting on the changing of the weather
pulling the thorns from my plants
you were the only thing that mattered
the only thought in my head
never’d guess how it would shatter
the little things that you said

Ruby Haunt – Pyro (YouTube)

In February, 2021, Wyatt was featured in Cricket, a song by Milk Flud. The song is experimental and worth checking out. Milk Flud is part of the Making New Enemies collective.

The band reissued three of earlier albums on vinyl in June. Nevada LP limited run includes Nevada b-sides. They are pressing Blue Hour next.

Ruby Haunt discography

Watching the Grass Grow LP, 2021
Snow Angel / Reverse Creek EP, 2021
Tiebreaker LP, 2020
Sunbelt single, 2020
The Middle of Nowhere LP, 2019
Bully EP, 2019
Blue Hour LP, 2018
Abandoned Melodies: Nevada b-sides EP, 2017
Nevada EP, 2017
Sugar LP, 2016
Crush EP, 2016
Hurt LP, 2015

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