Videos and singles from Vilde, DAD SPORTS, Far Caspian, The Weather Station

Videos and singles from Vilde, Dad Sports, Far Caspian, and The Weather Stations.
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Vilde released a new downtempo single today, titled Phantom Mantra. The song was produced by David Pye, and the art was by Elin Ghersinich. Thomas Savage, the artist behind Vilde, hails from Sweden, Germany, Australia, Denmark, and the UK. He is working on his fifth collection of songs, set to be released in 2021, Phantom Mantra is the first song to be released from the album. David Pye produced and engineered the single with Savage in Norwich, UK.

Vilde: Phantom Mantra (YouTube)

New music video by Dad Sports is out today, for their new song gf haircut. This is a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek jokes, as you can see in the music video.

Far Caspian released a music video for Warning Sign, today. He released it as a live stream, narrating the beginning of the video while sitting on a couch and speaking into an SM7. The story behind the music video is, “how Car Boot Sale organiser Ricardo LeBlanc won back his darling wife, Jolene.”

Far Caspian: Warning Sign (YouTube)

The Weather Station announced their fifth album, Ignorance, will be released February 5th on Fat Possum and Next Door Records. Two songs were released, yesterday, Tried to Tell You, and Robber, along with a music video. Less folk and more pop, her new material might suite fan of Sharron Van Etten.

Tamara Lindeman shared on Instagram:

“‘Tried to Tell You’ feels like my first attempt to actually write a pop song, to let the song be structurally simple and super accessible and just let it flow. Felt like that aligned with the song’s vision and desire for human softness and vividness to reign.”

The Weather Station: Tried To Tell You (YouTube)
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