New Music Friday: Black Marble, Yot Club, Kowloon, CASTLEBEAT, More

New Music Friday: Single, LPs and EPs from Black Marble, Yot Club, CASTLEBEAT, Kowloon, Francis Moon, more.
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It’s New Music Friday, and here are a few singles, EPs and LPs that are out. I’ve added them to the Puddlegum: Discovery playlist on Spotify. Band names are linked to their Instagram, and album/song titles are linked to Spotify. Enjoy!

Week of October 22, 2021

Beach Fossils – ‘Down The Line (Piano)‘ single
Beirut – ‘Fisher Island Sound‘ single
Bezos – ‘Jumper‘ single
Black Marble – ‘Fast Idol‘ LP
CASTLEBEAT – ‘We Can Make This Right‘ single
The Convenience Band – ‘Accelerator’ LP
Francis Moon – ‘Let You Go‘ single
Hand Habits – ‘Fun House‘ LP
Honeywhip – ‘Pineapple Cloud‘ single
Kowloon – ‘The Sun‘ single
Matilde Davoli – ‘Il Coraggio di Provare‘ single
Mild Orange – ‘The Time of Our Lives‘ single
Niquo – ‘Dove‘ single
Phantom Handshakes, Lua – ‘Cricket Songs (Lua Version)‘ remix
Real Estate – ‘Days‘ single
Tape Tension – ‘I Called Your Name‘ single
Tops – ‘Waiting‘ single
Yot Club – ‘Alive‘ single
You’ll Never Get To Heaven – ‘Dust‘ single

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Kevin Flick

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