New Music Friday: Starflyer 59, vhs ghost, hotel pools, the lassie foundation, more

by | Oct 15, 2021 | LPs and EPs, New Music Friday, Singles

It’s New Music Friday, and here are a few singles, EPs and LPs that are out. I’ve added them to the Puddlegum: Discovery playlist on Spotify. Band names are linked to their Instagram, and album/song titles are linked to Spotify. Enjoy!

Out This Week:
BarrieFrankie single
Beauty QueenHope It’s You single
Brother.Volume III LP
Hotel PoolsBaked EP
LayziHide & Seek single
Magnus JosefssonDecember single
Starflyer 59Vanity LP
TEEN BLUSHBaby Is It Fine? single
The Wagner LogicMead of Poetry single
vhs ghost Haunt U EP
Views From SpacePOV single

Catching up from last week:
FerdousTrust/Verify single
Mons ViMoratorium LP

Reissued or Remastered:
The Lassie Foundation
Pacifico LP (Remastered)
Originally released in 1999, The Lassie Foundation was a short-lived shoegaze project.

Mike Adams at His Honest WeightOscillate Wisely (Reissued)
Bloomington’s Mike Adams at His Honest Weight released this gem ten years ago.

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