Puddlegum Studio

Puddlegum Studio: Mixing and Mastering

We set up our Puddlegum Mix Studio in a new space and are offering Summer '23 Rates for Mixing and Mastering. When it comes to mixing, I'm not happy until you're happy. I want to help you realize your vision while exceeding your expectations.
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Puddlegum Mixtape 004

We made Mixtape 4 for you to enjoy. We found some new (to us) artists, and artists we love. There's a new Depeche Mode song, a banger by FM-84 (not so new), and new tracks by Yot Club, Cathedral Bells, Coolhand Jax, The Japanese House, and many others.
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Puddlegum Podcast

Introducing the Puddlegum Podcast!

Check out our podcast! Puddlegum Podcast is a lighthearted conversation about Independent Music between myself, Kevin Flick, and Scott Drichel, as well as guests. We discuss topics that matter to artists and listeners… and we sometimes get off topic and go down rabbit trails. Find links for the show here. Also, Mixtape 004 is up! We’ll share the new tracklist shortly.

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Puddlegum Mixtape 002

Puddlegum Mixtape 002 contains 34 songs, filling 2 hours & 5 minutes of dream pop, bedroom pop, shoegaze, indie pop, and synthwave. Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music.
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Yot Club - Santolina

Yot Club releases ‘Alive’ single

Yot Club released the first single from his forthcoming EP, 'Santolina'. The new single, 'Alive', is a highly anticipated track, following the viral explosion of his 'YKWIM?' single. The EP will be released through Nice Guys, which Ryan Kaiser of Yot Club talked with Puddlegum earlier this year. Also, Ryan released a music video for 'Alive'.
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Beauty Queen - Hope It's You

Beauty Queen drops ‘Hope It’s You’ single and video

Beauty Queen released a third single, 'Hope It's You', and music video from what we assume will be an album of songs through Sleep Well Records. This track is really polished, produced by Henry Moser of Henry Nowhere, and Beauty Queen's Katie Iannitello. A banjo opens the song and appears in the chorus, giving the song a fitting emotional edge.
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Old Sea Brigade - 'Mirror Moon'

Old Sea Brigade – ‘Mirror Moon’

Old Sea Brigade released a new single and music video, 'Mirror Moon', on April 9. This is the fourth single that has been released from his forthcoming album 'Motivational Speaking', which will be released on May 14 through Nettwerk.
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