300D – ‘Grocery Vaping’ single

300D is a bedroom pop duo from Oakland. Grocery Vaping has lush vocal layers, light acoustic, organ-toned synth, light percussion, chamber pop strings.
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300D is a new lo-fi bedroom pop duo from Oakland, California. Their latest single Grocery Vaping has a super interesting sound of repeated lush vocal layers, light acoustic, organ-toned synth for bass, light percussion, chamber pop inspired orchestral strings, and ‘horns’ played on a synth. They place the song in a light ambient reverb, blending the tones together into a warm, pensive, and yearning track.

Ben Pearce (Windhal Flat) and Jen Weisberg (Ruby Pins) formed after the pandemic slowed everything down. They had known each other since 2004 through the Santa Cruz music scene and, “a chance meeting on a street corner in Oakland.” Grocery Vaping is their second single (Valley Riff was released in December, 2020). The two are currently working on their third single.

They explain in more detail:

“300D held Oakland friends Jen Weisberg and Ben Pearce together through the pandemic when Jen (a librarian) was enlisted as a disaster service worker, and Ben returned to Santa Cruz to help his family with the childcare gap left by school closures. Their sophomore release, ‘Grocery Vaping’, echoes the duo’s musical evolution through swelling strings and words of longing.”

We’re looking forward to hearing what 300D creates next! They’re on to an intriguing sound.

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