Adrian Prath – ‘SFO Dreams’ (video)

by | Jun 3, 2021 | News, Videos, YouTube

Adrian Prath – SFO Dreams (YouTube)

Adrian Prath released a music video and new song called SFO Dreams (it’s solely on YouTube, currently). The music video is Super 8 footage of Adrian singing at the edge of a lake. The video and song both complement each other nicely.

You know the windmill
In the Golden Gate Park
You can meet me there tomorrow
From there we can start

Adrian Prath – SFO Dreams (YouTube)

His electric guitar has rich and warm tone with chorus, vibrato dialed in. His vocals have a blend of chorus effect as well. Bass is lightly played, and what sounds like a a reversed track that helps create a melancholic vibe.

If you enjoy this SFO Dreams, be sure to check out his video and single Vancouver Dreaming.

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