Artist Discovery: Thaos, Dråpe, MARBLES

Bandcamp is a great tool for discovering new music. Here are three artists to listen to: Thaos, MARBLES, and Dråpe.
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Bandcamp is a great site for supporting artists. We firmly believe in supporting artists through buying their music and merchandise. It’s also a great tool for discovering new music that isn’t driven by algorithms. On the frontpage of Bandcamp is a Discovery segment where you can filter music via genres, location, time, tags, and format. I highly recommend exploring!

Here are a few artists we’ve found through Bandcamp that you might enjoy.

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Thaos: Resting Ground

Thaos is the music project of Thomas Weighill, a math professor. He began writing music during the Pandemic on his Roland piano, and recently released Resting Ground, a dream pop LP full of rich analog tones. We’re in the process of talking with Thaos for a longer piece that we’ll run soon.

Dråpe: Omnitone

Dråpe is a band from Olso, Norway, a city that pours out incredible music. Dråpe brings us a psychedelic shoegaze on this six-track EP titled Omnitone. Heavy synths, fuzzed out guitars, drums and bass that lock in and drive forward, and distant and distorted vocals. This EP is a treat!


To unintentionally reinforce my love for Oslo’s music scene, MARBLES is a dream pop band that mixes in disco influences. They put out an LP called Humour with eleven tracks you’ll love. It opens with a stripped down acoustic picking and bare vocals, while slipping into a verby space to set the stage. Each song stands on its own, complete with memorable hooks. The album is tightly produced and every sound is intentional.

They expressed this on Instagram (this is translated from Norwegian):

“Humour is a journey up the diving board in which you will go totally out of the comfort zone. Maybe you’re fooling yourself around. But the feelings you feel before, during and after such a cliff inspired us.”

MARBLES (Instagram)
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