Following up on their debut full-length they released in November, Beach Vacation released a single today, Lost In Sight. “The song’s about reminiscing about the beginning of a past relationship and how things used to be, and how things aren’t the same anymore,” Tabor Rupp shared with Puddlegum. He and John DeAvilla tracked the single in his living room, producing it themselves. We’re told to expect more music this year.

The song has elements of shoegaze, while surf pop flavors in the guitar melodies and beat lightens the song. Vocals are doubled and drenched with chorus effects and verbs. Trailing reverbs build on the guitars and vocals as the song enters the outro, giving it a dreamy feel. They wear their Swedish indie pop influences on their sleeves (we approve).

Beach Vacation began when the members were sophomores and juniors in high school band in 2013. Shortly after, they released their debut Maritime EP that year through Dufflecoat Records. Following the EP, they put out a single in 2018 while in college, Gossamer Love.

The Seattle duo returned with their nine-track I Fell Apart LP in November, 2020, through Z Tapes Records, a cassette label based in Slovakia. It was the opening track, Break The Ice, on this LP that first caught our ears (thank you, Spotify algorithms).

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