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New Music: BEHARIE, Placid Cactus, High Sunn, Telephone Melts


BEHARIE released a self-titled EP in the vein of indie-soul. While this might be normally outside of what we cover, we’ll make exceptions for this. These six songs are stunning. Co-produced and co-written with Hans Olav Settem of Benedikt (Simen Mitlid), BEHARIE recorded these songs with Hans as the engineer. Spend some time with this EP.


Placid Cactus – Golden Shores

Placid Cactus released a new dream pop single called Golden Shores. This is their third single, and it’s quite impressive. The song is “about loving something who struggles with self-love.” This song mixes smooth pads with synths that cut through with a melody that acts as ear candy. Drums have plenty of changing effects, from high pass filters that muffle the beats, to reversed hits. They also add electric leads that are reminiscent of the 1980s. This is a great song!

Placid Cactus – Golden Shores

High Sunn – spring’s tears

High Sunn has a new EP out on BIRTHDIY, called spring’s tears. If you love lo-fi guitar pop, this is for you. His single signals mixes a washed out and hazy guitar layers, a bright drum loop, and half sung, half spoken vocals. This will appease your cassette passions.

High Sunn – spring’s tears

Telephone Melts – Shortchanged

Telephone Melts is a Swedish band that mixes lo-fi sounds. Their latest single, Shortchanged, was tracked on tape in a home studio, played to a 5/4 time signature. The song is self-described as being about, “working in a melon field all day and getting screwed over by the man.”

Telephone Melts – Shortchanged

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