Benedikt to release Why Are You Dreaming

Benedikt have released three singles from their forthcoming album, 'Why Are You Dreaming'. The album drops April 28.
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Benedikt is releasing a new album we’re anticipating on April 28 called Why Are You Dreaming. They have so far dropped three singles, and if you’re looking for soothing and reflective acoustic songs, you’ll love what this group from Oslo is creating.

They began releasing singles for Why Are Your Dreaming in October, 2022, with the bedroom pop You Might Remember.I was alone before you, and I will be gone before you,” Hans Olav Settem sings in the chorus. Aptly described as “hazy impressionist pop atmosphere,” the song blends strings, acoustic, accordion, slide guitar, and a tight drum kit in the background.

One Day At A Time carries you to a stripped down opening with a classical guitar picked in the in the center, and Hans vocals doubled on the periphery. Light percussion slips in with strings that show their brilliance. In the bridge layers of guitars build with a stunning slide guitar melody. Reverb increases during the last verse as it comes to an close, begging you to replay the song.

The opening of 2017 feels like a reprisal of One Day at a Time. The production of this single is so good, similar to Hans and Simen Mitlid‘s work on Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B​’​s Travels From Gr​ø​nland to the Sun, and Back Again. You really need to hear it.

We can’t wait to hear the rest of this album, and I’m certain you’ll thoroughly enjoy these singles.

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