Black Marble – Somewhere (YouTube)

Black Marble released a new single (and music video) called Somewhere. This is the first single from his fourth LP, Fast Idol to be released October 22. If Somewhere is any indication of the full-length, it’s going to be stunning. This song is well worth your time. The minimal synth tones are beautiful, the percussive sounds from the drum machine are perfect.

Black Marble opens Somewhere with chords played via a textural analog synth pad, setting the tone of the song. A drum loops comes in with more distinct synth tones playing melodies (the radio edit begins at this point). At one minute thirty the song abruptly shifts to a faster tempo, and an arpeggiated synth drives the song forward.

Chris Stewart‘s vocals come in with a warbly effect from a tight chorus and a washed out room reverb as heard on previous songs. He mixes his voice in with the music, almost sitting behind the drum loop and synth melodies. This coldwave song harkens back to his 2012 album, A Different Arrangement, while carrying the direction from 2019’s Bigger Than Life forward. The production of the elements are clean, and sit so nicely together that you can almost envision them floating in the sonic landscape.

Sacred Bones, the label releasing Fast Idol, describes the song:

“Somewhere describes a place just out of reach that serves as a diversion for the protagonist of the song, and takes their focus away from the ambiguities of their daily life. It represents a place of disinhibition where if it could only be remembered or found, the people we aim to be could for a moment be fully realized. Although its dreamlike clarity and feeling of connection may seem like an empty promise, it serves as an aspirational reminder to the protagonist of what might be.”


Black Marble also released a music video for the song, directed by the French independent director Théo Sixou, who directed A Great Design. It’s a great video that portrays the song perfectly.

Black Marble Fast Idol tracklisting

  1. Somewhere
  2. Bodies
  3. Royal Walls
  4. Try
  5. The Garden
  6. Say it First
  7. Streetlight
  8. Ceiling
  9. Ship to Shore
  10. Preoccupation
  11. Brighter and Bigger

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