Bodywash to release ‘I Held the Shape While I Could’ LP

Bodywash release their fourth single four days before 'I Held the Shape While I Could' full-length comes out. Expect an expanse of dream pop to fuzzy shoegaze on this LP.
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Montreal-based Bodywash released their fourth single, Perfect Blue, bringing a lot of shoegaze energy. It shows the expanse of dream pop to shoegaze fuzz of the songs we’ve heard so far. Their forthcoming album I Held the Shape While I Could will be out this Friday, April 14.

The full-length is self-described as, “a record that lives in the sonics of decay and renewal: breaks that burst forth from a squall of fuzz guitars, drones that glitch and stutter like ice willing itself to thaw.”

If you’re confused about Perfect Blue being their fourth single since there are three songs on Spotify and Apple Music… the fourth track, Kind of Light is on BandCamp (while Perfect Blue is not).

You can preorder the album on vinyl or CD, buy shirts, a poster, and a Take Form Booklet. The booklet is, “a 30-page booklet that expands the world of the album. Designed by Yoon Rachel Nam (Desert Bloom, Cedric Noel), Take Form features the complete album lyrics alongside poems, a short story, and guitar tabs by Long Decter and Steward, as well as new art by Kristina Pedersen.”

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