Minneapolis’ Cassette drops ‘Fumble (Kerry)’ single

by | Nov 2, 2021 | News, Singles, YouTube

Cassette – ‘Fumble (Kerry)YouTube

Cassette is a Minneapolis artist and producer you should check out. He released a new single this week ‘Fumble (Kerry)’, a lo-fi disco-pop single mixing in elements of synthpop that is on repeat. Synths with dramatic flair, electric guitar with hooks, a bouncing bass synth, and a selective beat. His vocals are fuzzed out with saturation, with a melody that sticks in your head.

Cassette is the project of Gaëdy Bindoula, a 23 year old Congolese French American. Quoting his press release for his new single, “‘Fumble (Kerry)’ aims to tell a personal story about the turbulent, yet exciting, feeling of rekindling a flame with an ex-lover, and how this clumsiness made him fall deep into this renewed relationship.”

In June, Gaëdy released his debut time warped single ‘Miss My Flight’, also worth your time if you enjoy tape manipulation. Cassette creates beats and synth tracks as a producer, so if you’re looking for an artist to collaborate with, he might be your guy.

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