New singles: Cathedral Bells, Talkie, Niall Summerton, ICELANDIA

New singles from Cathedral Bells, Talkie, Niall Summerton, and ICELANDIA!
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Cathedral Bells – Ether

Cathedral Bells released their third single and title track, Ether, from their forthcoming album. This is possibly my favorite song from this Florida band. The album is coming out this Friday, January 29th, via Spirit Goth Records.

This single is a downtempo song from a band that is known for its driving New Wave inspired dreampop sounds. The mix on this song is luscious and warm while blending the sizzling reverb. We’re really looking forward to the album! (Expect an interview with the brilliant Matthew Messore.)

Talkie – Love Me Baby

Dreampop San Francisco artists Talkie released a new single, Love Me Baby. This new single has a surf-influenced sound, with a mix of acoustic guitar, tremolo electric melodies, and tight harmonies. This is a song that would have a wide appeal with the right sync opportunities. I really love what this band is doing.

Niall Summerton – Palm of Your Hand

Niall Summerton released a new single, Palm of Your Hand. This song mixes indie folk with dreamy guitars. I particularly enjoy the warm guitar melody drenched in reverb, which is reminiscent of The Innocence Mission. Drums kick in in the latter half of the song, recorded with a single mic on the other side of the room (or outside the door), and panned hard right. Super interesting sound. This song was released with a more upbeat single, Going Under, with a smokey tone.

Niall Summerton – Palm of Your Hand (YouTube)

ICELANDIA – Video Game

British Columbia artists ICELANDIA released a really smooth dreampop single, Video Game. This song was took three years to write, going through many changes before being finalized in this mix. The production is glossy and dreamy. Dutch composer Ardie Son joins ICELANDIA on strings, adding a really nice ethereal sound.


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Kevin Flick

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