Review: Dad Bod – ‘The Drifter’ (Single and video)

Dad Bod released a really chill downtempo bedroom pop single called The Drifter via Nice Guys.
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Dad Bod released a downtempo bedroom pop song called The Drifter through Nice Guys. The single has a really chill tone, with lots of reversed effects as the band sings about growing older.

The single has a minute thirty intro, opening with guitar and bass running through trippy reversed effects. With the acoustic rhythm strumming, tripled (left and right further down in the mix, and a predominate layer in the center), a reversed bright synths hard panned, and bass plucking out the melody.

I wanted to be left out
Thought I could seek things out
Left without saying how
Wandered through open
Doors and open arms

Dad Bod – The Drifter (BandCamp)

From there, the song builds with a simple drum mic setup (kick, snare top, and overhead), additional percussion, and bass laying down root notes. Vocal layers come in with a dark spring reverb filling space in the center. It’s a lo-fi song that vibes hard.

Dad Bod – The Drifter (YouTube)

The music video are scenes of driving through the Rocky Mountains to a cabin by a frozen lake. The Super 8 footage shows the band sliding on ice, and writing music in a large room with windows that overlook the snowy landscape.

The band produced the single, and Brian Zieske mastered it. Expect a full-length from the band later this year (via Nice Guys).

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