Eyeclimber – ‘Doomed’ single

by | Jul 19, 2021 | BandCamp, News, Singles, Videos, YouTube

Eyeclimber has a new dream pop single called Doomed. Hailing from Berlin, Dominik Feike has a sound that is not complex, yet also not sparse. He mixes a tape warped synth upfront, with a clean electric guitar chords reverberating behind the music. He plays a funk bass line (reminding me of Men I Trust) that gives the song a bit of an edge, and laidback vocal harmonies that help build the backdrop of the song.

Cause we both lost our souls in each other
Falling into darker tomorrows
It’s so sweet right now, but we’re coming
closer to the end of the summer

Eyeclimber – Doomed (YouTube)

They also released a music video for the single, showing Dominik and his significant other in a washed out, Super 8 feel. The video portrays the song’s story of waning closeness, and the “darker tomorrows” while he’s alone.

Eyeclimber – Doomed (YouTube)

Eyeclimber has a new EP coming out in August! The new EP will be Eyeclimber’s third; Dominik released two EPs in 2017, and a single in 2020.

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