Family Time – New Positions (YouTube)

Family Time released their first single in three years today, dropping New Positions. The single is a jazz and indie blend, utilizing space for each layer to fully develop. Listen to this single and you will note that each note is attenuated, from the piano, double bass, rich notes on the synths, and the dark percussive beats. 

Family Time is a Spaniard duo from Barcelona, Max Guardans Muehlen and Oscar Garcia Guardans, who are tracking a new album in Berlin.

They describe their new song and forthcoming album on BandCamp:

“Trading the humid backdrop of holiday resorts that illuminated their last work for a snow-stormed makeshift studio-shelter in Berlin, they have been working on new material, of which we are now offered an opening taste. ‘New Positions’, with a certain fin-de-siècle allure and cinematic poise, is a reflection on the mathematics of intimacy. How does any relationship fare when faced with cold, rational scrutiny? What happens when we poke at love with our anxieties? And will our numbers hold, we are asked, by the time we get to morning?”

I’m checking out the polls
On public opinion
I always did compare
The numbers and the living

Family Time – New Positions (BandCamp)

Their new single follows their 2019 pop opera album, The Great Abismo; a twelve track album that doesn’t rest the moment it kicks off. Family Positions in comparison is a slightly more downtempo, and has a more baroque flavor.

They released a music video they directed for the new single, one of abstract clips that further the texture of the song. We’re looking forward to more singles and the collection of songs they release!