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Hause Plants release Shoegazey ‘Summer Salt’

Hause Plants – Summer Salt (YouTube)

Portuguese band Hause Plants released a tense shoegaze influenced single, Summer Salt. The band is gearing up for their debut Film For Color Photos EP, out on BIRTHDIY in May, 2021. The song is described as both “a witty take on modern day boredom,” and “a fast-paced indie rock song made for the sunny days.”

The talented Manuel Casanova directed the beautifully filmed music video, grainy and brilliantly edited. The band performs at an abandoned graffiti covered water park, the perfect setting for “a fast-paced indie rock song made for the sunny days.”

Manuel writes, “We almost got stabbed while shooting this but instead we decided to get the boys in 5ºC water, In the video, you can see the band getting kicked out and threatened. Can you get more post-punk?

days are all the same
every weekend sucks a bit more
heat wave on your face
bare feet on the hallway

you want something that’s so hard to find
and it’s not for me

Hause Plants – Summer Salt (BandCamp)

Hause Plants is led by the band’s songwriter Guilherme Machado Correia. They released their first single Visual Diaries in February, a song about being “suck inside for so long.” These two singles dial in the mood of 2021… restlessness, raw energy, and anxiousness to get outside with friends.

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