Hovvdy – Junior Day League (YouTube)

Hovvdy released two singles and music videos, Junior Day League and Around Again. Both songs are fantastic, and will be on True Love, a twelve-track album coming out October 1, 2021, via Grand Jury Music.

Junior Day League is like a warm hug, tight and close. The drums are upfront while blending well with the song, the acoustic has the brighter tones rounded out, and the vocals are layered thick. Electric guitar comes in half way through the song to give a fuzzy edge. What makes the song are the background harmonies and sounds (some of the sounds remind us of earlier Sigur Ros). This song all around is so good.

Find myself in reverie
How you move so patiently
Feel your light fade into me
Turn into a memory

Hovvdy – Junior Day League (bandCamp)

The music video was directed and filmed by Hayden Hubner and Kelton Young. Hudson McNeese did a remarkable job editing the song. The colors fit their washed out brand. In the video, the duo is performing in tall grass by a river.

Hovvdy – Around Again (YouTube)

They also released Around Again, both a song and a music video, today. The video shows summer footage from a county or state fair. This song is a bit downtempo, brilliantly mixing in dobro, and distant distorted guitar. Beautiful song, full of tension.

Four weeks ago, they released the title track True Love. Check out our review of True Love, and read more about the album.