Hovvdy – True Love (YouTube)

Hovvdy returns with True Love, their first studio single in 2021. True Love is the first single, a title track from their full-length. The album will have twelve tracks, and can be pre-ordered on BandCamp prior to the October 1, 2021 release date.

The song is a filled out track driven by acoustic guitars, drums that accentuate the guitars, and at least six layers of vocals. Hovvdy show their Texas roots with the rootsy flare in the chorus.

The True Love single is coincided with a great music video, directed by Adam Alonzo and Dreamer Boy. The video exudes the intense happiness that radiates from the track, while the production of the video matches the low-contrast faded feel that you find on Hovvdy’s art.

Earlier this year, Hovvdy released Covers 2, an EP of four covers. And in 2020, they released two singles while likely working on this full-length. True Love will be their sixth full-length since they began in 2016.

Hovvdy began as a duo between drummers Charlie Martin and Will Taylor in 2016. Ben Littlejohn joins them on bass on the album as he has on previous songs, and Andrew Sarlo as both a producer and contributor. (Andrew Sarlo has been nominated for multiple Grammys for his work on: Big Thief’s Two Hands and U.F.O.F., Bon Iver’s iMi, We, Hey Ma, and Courtney Marie Andrews’ Old Flowers.)

Do you believe
What I said
That I am the man
That I said I am

Hovvdy – True Love

Charlie Martin released a solo album called Imaginary People, in April. The thirteen track LP mixes acoustic, piano, light and roomy drums, distant synths, bass, layered whispery vocals, and saturated sounds.

True Love track-listing

1. Sometimes
2. True Love
3. Lake June
4. GSM
5. Around Again
6. Hope
7. Joy
8. One Bottle
9. Blindsided
10. Hue
11. Junior Day League
12. I Never Wanna Make You Said