New music: Josh Fudge, NYIKO, Le Forte, Moon Panda

New single from Josh Fudge, a track from NYIKO's debut LP, a single from Le Forte, and a music video/single from Moon Panda.
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Josh Fudge – More To You

Josh Fudge began releasing music last year at the age of eighteen. And since March, 2020, this prolific writer of Oklahoma City released an EP and a full-length, with a total of eighteen songs. His latest single, More To You, is our favorite so far.

In this new single, Josh mixes lush synth pads with a laid-back beat, textured acoustic guitar, a grooving bass line, and dreamy vocals. More To You is the second single from a forthcoming album (coming out later this year).

Josh Fudge – More To You (SoundCloud)

NYIKO – Bleeding On You

NYIKO is anLos Angeles artist Nyiko Beguin, and he just released his eleven-track debut album, Honesty. His sound has an 80s throwback feel… bright reverb on the snare, vocals that hit the New Wave sound, synth pads, verby electric guitar. Bleeding On You is a song that grabbed our ears.

Le Forte – Feel the Change

Le Forte is a San Antonio band that formed in dental school. During that time they wrote and recorded a lo-fi rock EP called Bag of Tricks, which Feel The Change is from. They explain that the EP is “a culmination of songs written during stressful times as a way to share our passion for music and escape from the intense nature of dental school.”

Le Forte – Feel The Change (SoundCloud)

Moon Panda – Visions

Moon Panda is a duo separated by thousands of miles, Maddy Myers (from California) and Gustav Moltke (from Denmark). The two began working together in 2019, but more intensely during during the lockdown. They found support on BBC Radio 6 Music, which helped boost their audience.

Visions is their latest single, which they explain, “This song is kind of a form of self-comfort. It started with that hypnotic, repeating guitar line which turned into a bit of a lullaby. It starts in a pretty vulnerable place and then slowly takes off into something more lush and resilient.” They have a full-length in the works, though don’t expect this single to be on it.

Moon Panda – Visions (YouTube)

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