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New Music: JW Francis, Remington Super 60

JW Francis – Maybe (single)

JW Francis has consistently written great psychedelic bedroom pop. It’s hard to find a more cheery fellow, at least based on his social media. His latest single, Maybe, comes out right as he steps away from music for a short period of time so he can hike the Appalachian Trail. He’ll be back, but enjoy this trippy percussive single.

“This one has been in my live set for three years now. This is the beginning of something new,” JW wrote on Instagram.

“Recorded in Hackney Studios, the track is about the anxiety of decision making; something JW himself has been dealing with personally after quitting his job to walk the Appalachian Trial.”

JW Francis (BandCamp)

Remington super 60 – Nouvelle Noveau (EP)

Remington super 60 is a Norwegian bedroom pop band that formed in 1998. They’ve released fifteen records, and their latest EP, Nouvelle Noveau, is quite unique. The group’s Christoffer Schou and Elisabeth Thorsen were a couple for 15 years before ending their relationship. But they retained a strong friendship, and decided to continue their band and record this EP. They recorded this EP in Christoffer’s living room, “surrounded by guitars, basses and a rather large collection of Casio/Yamaha keyboards from the 80s, although most people consider these keyboards to be toys.”

Christoffer also runs Cafe Superstar Recordings through which they release projects. Nouvelle Nouveau will also be released on cassette via Z Tapes.

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