Matilde Davoli is an Italian artist who is creating high-production dream pop, and has an album coming out on November 5, called ‘Home‘. She recently released her first single, ‘Il Coraggio di Provare‘, the sole track sung in Italian (the song title means, “The Courage To Try“). This is the third single from the full-length, preceded by ‘Glitch at Dark‘, and ‘Sine‘, and is the first time she has written in her native language.

Matilde Davoli – ‘Il Coraggio di Provare’ (SoundCloud)

The song intertwines pulsating synth tones, slowly building. Layers of synths culminate with strings sprinkled in, clean electric guitar is used sparingly, and a triggered compression combine with a minimalistic beat. Her sound reminds me of the Swedish artist I Break Horses.

She explains how the track came about:
“This is the only song I wrote in Italian, for this album and in my life, and it was challenging as any first time. The way it happened is that my friend Gigi Chord (playing keyboards in my live sets by the way) called me on the phone saying that he had this loop (music) but he was stuck on it. He needed help to develop the music but also (why not) the vocals. As soon as I listened to it I thought to sing in Italian. It was a perfect foundation for revisiting the good old Italian soundtrack vibes. I wrote the vocals and the words first, then I played some stuff developing a song structure around it. We exchanged tracks back and forth a couple of times and then, happy ever after, the song was ready.”

Davoli is both a producer and engineer, and she develops her sound in a methodical approach. She’s currently an engineer at Sudestudio in Lecce, Italy. Past projects which she performed in include electro-folk project Girl with the Gun, and playing guitar in Studiodavoli with Populous.

Matilde Davoli – ‘Home‘ tracklisting:

  1. ‘Intro’
  2. ‘Sine’
  3. ‘Home’
  4. ‘Glitch At Dark’
  5. ‘Il Coraggio di Provare’
  6. ‘Devotion’
  7. ‘Midinight’
  8. ‘An Intimate Chat With London’
  9. ‘No More Place For Me’

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