Men I Trust – Tides (YouTube)

Montreal artists Men I Trust premiered a new single, Tides, tonight on YouTube (coming to Spotify tonight). The song has layers of fluid synths that span the frequency depth, with tightly shaped beats, and a great sounding bass. Lyrically, Tides appears to be about doomsday extremists who use religion to fuel their fervor; the song has a Biblical reference of 144,000 (found in Revelation 7).

The artwork is by Noémi Varfalvy, an artist who paints UFO’s and aliens, “just for fun, and also because I’m a believer.” The band states on Instagram that the actual cover art will be released with the single tomorrow, February 12. They chose to showcase this painting for the premiere to keep the actual art a “surprise,” and because Men I Trust also loves UFOs.

The fully independent band has a Canadian and European tour lined up, beginning in September and running through December of 2021 (tickets are available on their Tumblr).


Watch for ‘them tides
Said men over the news
Doomers far out,
Their plea was fair and sound
Oh Mama I love you,
Strong like I fear devouts
Who never doubt
Their righteous fervor

A hundred forty-four, by thousands, waiting for the clear
Oh how sublime
To marvel at an ugly world from home
They made it to midnight
They know they’re right
Awake forever

I see brave men walking hand in hand again
With angels by their sides
Who’ll dare put on a fight?
Happy forever
To make it all in-line
Happy together,
We shall be fine

Men I Trust – Tides (YouTube)

Men I Trust released a single, Lucky Sue, a downtempo single and video that fit nicely following their 24-track Oncle Jazz album. With the October single, they released a live album, Forever Live Sessions, of live band performances of songs from the Oncle Jazz 2019 release.

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