New Music from DM Stith, Jaguar Sun and Husbands

DM Stith has a new album coming out called 'Fata Morgana', coproduced and mixed by Thomas Bartlett. And Jaguar Sun and HUSBANDS are releasing a second single they collaborated on.

If you’re familiar with My Brightest Diamond and Sufjan Stevens, you might have DM Stith in your playlist. Stith toured and worked closely with both artists, and during that time he met Thomas Bartlett (Thomas produced and mixed the beloved Carrie and Lowell masterpiece). DM Stith has been working with Bartlett on his next album, Fata Morgana, and the result is incredible.

The first single is called Doomed!, and it provides the perfect taste of what to expect from the full length. You won’t be disappointed! We will be sharing a more extensive article and interview with DM Stith soon. You can preorder the album which comes out on April 14 and is being released by Historical Fiction Records.

Two bands that we love Jaguar Sun and HUSBANDS released First Time Caller in September, 2022, and it has the right hooks to beg for more. The two are releasing a second single on March 10 called IT GETS BETTER through Born Loser Records! Listen to a teaser on Instagram. (They also released a tour cassette with the first single that you can pick up.)

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