Dave Thomas Junior released a new EP with the title track: Guess I’ll See You Around. His music is very chill and dreamy, sitting in that gentle acoustic space that flows with emotions. He shared, “The song tackles the concept of the passing of time and letting go.” Dave is a Brit transplanted in Nashville, who got started recording with Echo & The Bunneymen, and more recently had a song, Hue, featured on Atypical.

Krooked Kings collaborated with the genius Day Wave in their new single Carbon Monoxide that came out today. It’s a smooth track that hooks you in. The tone on this one is the perfect direction for Krooked Kings, taking the edge of the sounds and blending them deeper into the mix.

Cassia features Tayo Sound on their latest single, Confidence. Tayo Gillies Oyekan brings his uplifting vibe to Cassia’s tropical hues. Together, the song has a chill but addictive dream pop sound. There are subtleties to the song that you hear after several repeated spins. You’ll throw this song on when you’re hanging with your friends.

Tennis are prepping the release of their seventh full-length with a teaser, One Night with The Valet. This track picks up where Swimmer left off in 2020. The duo will be releasing their LP titled Pollen on February 10, 2023, complete with three months of touring.

These songs make for a nice weekend blend with summer vibes as winter sets in. Follow Puddlegum: Discovery playlist for more new releases.

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